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Hello from Vermont!

 I want to share my music with you!

My hope is that you find my music interesting for it comes from the heart and my life’s experiences.  Songs of Happiness.

Songs of Remembrance.

Songs of Love.

Songs to Move You.

Songs with Spirit!

 Please embrace my vision, enjoy how my music was created and where it comes from.

 You will learn my story through reading and listening on this website.

Thank You for Visiting & Listening!

Steven Dwight Longe

Guitarist, Singer & Songwriter


In the Spirit of Giving of which I embrace and "IF" you can afford to Give Back a little something  "Donation" to help me with the costs of Sharing (Website & Promotion) & Creating Music (Recording & Mastering, Collaborating Artists), I would be Honored having you Join ME in this Effort in Sharing!

Anything will help pay the expenses and is so very much appreciated!

Remember to be KIND to OTHERS!

Blessings to you ALL,

Steven Dwight Longe


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